The winter is coming... 

We are entering party season. Halloween parties, Harvest Parties, the Pumpkin Patch, ya'll have two sets of in-laws for Thanksgiving AND Christmas, New Year's Eve, MLK, Groundhog's, and who knows how many birthdays sprinkled in there. 

Last year, I (Devin) gained 20lbs (we're pretty popular/ lots of parties) . What is my strategy this season? Will I just be the asshole who says no to Aunt Carol's lasagna? (Been there, done that, didn't turn out well) Nope. What I do plan on doing is simply continuing to track everything I eat. The lesson I've learned in Harvest Academy is that when I'm tracking my food, I eat frivolous food MUCH less often. A piece of extra special homemade award winning Apple berry crisp doesn't set me back nearly as much as the 8,000 Triscuts I normally eat over the course of these 4 months. 

Keep tracking and those easy to binge foods will stay out of your mouth, if only because it's too hard to count pieces of Chex Mex! 

Stay tuned for more Holiday tips for the upcoming season. 


7 Intervals

Row 250- Sprint 100m

-rest as needed between efforts

-score is slowest interval

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