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I think everyone has at least a vague idea of their nutrition and fitness goals. Maybe you don't have an exact idea of what you'd like to achieve, but generally, you have a picture of where you think you should be going. I'm arguing that that vagueness is completely ok. Some gurus or trainers will lead you to believe that its not good enough though-- that you always gotta keep your goals written down and re-assessing them and obsessing over them, or you'll never achieve anything. They might have 4% body fat and get asked to do catalog modeling gigs, but they likely don't have a family, or kids, or...friends. 

So when you are especially "on the wagon," (whatever that is) eating on point, no sugar, bird portions, and no fun, how do your goals, specific or general, line up with the rest of your life? If your goal is to just loose enough weight to do a pull-up or run a mile without dying, the change you make in your diet can be pretty slight. It really doesn't take much, don't drink your calories and exercise regularly. The bird portions and carb fear aren't necessary to be happy or joyful, and really since they aren't sustainable, are actually counter-productive to the sustainability of a healthy and active lifestyle. Again, the guru-mega-scientist-vlogger will disagree, but if we were as driven as them, we would have our own guru-mega-scientist-vlog following of our own. 

I don't think you need specific goals to make progress, but you should consider the sacrifices it takes to reach them. Do this. When considering how you should attack your nutrition and diet, keep that goal in mind, but more importantly include the things that are important to you and adjust your goal.

My Goal: Get leaner

Important stuff: enjoy training, be nice to my wife, be energetic throughout the day

Get leaner is pretty vague, which again, is ok. But it doesn't help me make sustainable food choices. When I consider those things like maintaining a good mood and attitude, making training enjoyable, and maintaining energy levels, maybe Get leaner needs to be clarified a bit. Because I can get leaner real quick by starving and doing 3 metcons a day, but none of you want to be around that guy. That life hurts and the abs only show up until you completely snap.

A better goal: Slowly get leaner and maintain a healthy bodyfat % long term.

Wow, what a boring goal. Now how do I choose food based on that though? Mostly whole or minimally processed foods eaten slowly to satisfaction (80% fullness.) I'll take it. 


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