121317 CrossFitter's gift guide!


"12 Days of Christmas" Some might think that there is one particular version of this workout, but it's really just a mode like AMRAP, Rounds for Time, Fight Gone Bad, or Tabata. 12 rounds, adding a movement each round! It's the one time of year you'll see this many different movements in the same workout.


I realize that we usually release some sort of helpful gift guide earlier, but better late than never. Check out these fun gift ideas for the CrossFitter in your life, or share this post with some family member who often complains, "You're so hard to shop for!" FALSE- I want everything and if I already have it, I want another!

An easy and inexpensive gift I don't think I've mentioned before is a specific t-shirt-- Really? For the gift guide, you're recommending a shirt? I don't know if I can fully express my love and devotion to the Rogue Shirt. Rogue shirts fill a void in my life that can only be filled by a perfect t-shirt. Very comfortable and fits an athletic frame. The ladies choices are awesome for tank tops, girl shirts, and regular shirts. Any men's Rogue t-shirt is a guaranteed win, with the exception of the "dry-release" series. If you follow The CrossFit games, there is a wide selection of athlete signature shirts. I think of it as sporting my favorite sports teams apparel whenever I'm wearing my Tia Clair Toomey shirt. https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-basic-shirt-mens-heather-red-gray

Jump Stretch Band- If your CrossFitter is a traveler, or wants to get some extra mobility or other work done away from the gym, one of the jump stretch bands like the ones we have at the gym is a cool tool to have around, and an easy gift idea. You can find these at just about any equipment company website- Rogue Fitness, Again Faster, X-training equipment, Pure-strength, as well as Amazon, look around for free shipping and don't pay more than $20 for one. A medium strength band should be sufficient for anything they'd want to use it for while on the road or at home.

Food Prep Service- Mac and I both use Mid Valley Performance Kitchen and we absolutely freakin' love it. Never-mind all the convenience of having someone measure, cook, and deliver whole food, ready-to-heat meals weekly, they're just really tasty and creative! Some of you like CrossFit for the simple reason that we decide what you should do for exercise and training so you don't have to, and we like MVP Kitchen for the same reason! I hear people say, "Man I just wish I had someone to tell me exactly what to eat and to cook it for me.".........ahem...nudge nudge... That service exists. 

Are you crafty? One year my sister made me a couple sets of Parallelettes from PVC, they work great. She found some simple plans online.

Are your little ones interested in CrossFit? The rings are a timeless hit and now you can find them cheap! I always recommend wooden. The plastic or composite rings can have a sharp seam on the inside that tears up your wrists. The metal rings hurt like the dickens if you unexpectedly bump into them. Think stepping on a lego... with your teeth. Hang them up in the garage or over a tree branch and your kids are entertained for hours...err... half hours. 

Shoes! I honestly never cared about shoes until CrossFit. Now they're my favorite form of stuff. Reebok re-released the Nano 2 and Nano 6's, both very comfortable and great training shoes. Nike just released the Metcon DSX Flyknit 2 which is showing promising reviews. The Metcon 4 is reportedly supposed to release soon too, which means you could gift someone some rad new shoes that few people have OR find a sweet deal on the previous model which is still a solid training shoe. Also, now that CrossFit and Weightlifting is so common, you can find really affordable Oly Shoes.

You could certainly buy someone a bag of Progenex Peppermint Bark recovery, but then they'll be disappointed when they run out and have to wait until next year to get it again...

If you keep reading below, the next two posts are RePosts of some old gift guides.



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